We would be glad to comprehensively examine your concerns in the following legal fields:

Commercial Crime and Corruption Law

Long years of representation in a variety of large and in part good publicity cases in the field of commercial crime and corruption law make optimal representation of the client possible in this legal field. Profound legal knowledge together with extensive knowledge of the in part highly complex processes in a lawsuit in this legal field, ensure that the position of the client is heard and his rights are protected in a fair proceeding.

General Criminal Law, Financial Law

In the area of general criminal law, as well as in the complex area of financial law, you are in good hands at our law office. Understanding the legal problems of daily life, the ability to listen to a client and to best implement his wishes and concerns is our top priority. In the area of financial law, interdisciplinary thinking as well as profound knowledge in tax correlations guarantee optimal representation of our clients.

General Civil Law

We are on hand to help and advice in resolving general civil law problems. Regardless of whether it has to do with neighborhood legal conflicts, charges and costs of claims, like a loan contract, or other civil law problems, we are always here for you.

Marital Law, Family Law and Child Support Law

The resolution of problems between life partners and within the family is a special concern at our law office. In this legal field, we will not only advise you on your financial rights or duties, but we will also try to bring a holistic solution to the typical problems, which repeatedly arise in families. Should a dispute arise, you can be sure that our law office will optimally represent your interests in court and before authorities and will help bring your legitimate concern to a breakthrough.

Inheritance Law

We will assist you in drawing up a will and in arranging all your inheritance affairs. We will assume representation in all inheritance proceedings and will help you achieve your legitimate claims from the last will or lawful inheritance rights. We are also available for consultation in connection with legal share rights and their enforcement.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Landlord-tenant matters have a special emphasis in our attorney work at our legal office. This legal field is characterized by extreme complexity, thus the counsel and representation in this legal area require profound understanding of the correlation between all the relevant legal provisions. Long experience in supporting our clients in this legal field provides our legal office with the expertise for the best possible protection of your interests in every landlord-tenant matter.

Traffic Law

Mobility is an important factor in our society. Consequently, there are constant legal problems, which often have to be settled with the help of the court. We are available for all your traffic legal matters, like protecting your interests after a traffic accident. If an accident should involve injury to persons, we will advise you and represent you competently in any possible lawsuits and we will try to keep the detrimental effects of such an event at a minimum for our client. Of course, we will also accept the problems of our clients in connection with closing vehicle contracts or inadequate fulfillment of vehicle contracts.

Public Law

The field of public law is another area of emphasis in our law office. We advise and represent clients during the application process in administrative procedures, such as when obtaining trade law permits or traffic law permits, or during the defense against unjust official ordinances. When necessary, we will also fight for your rights in the highest courts and will represent you in all the proceedings before the regional government courts, as well as before the constitutional court and supreme administrative court.

Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Driver’s License Law

If you should be confronted with administrative law charges, then we can help you reach the best possible solution due to our specialized knowledge in the area of administrative penalty proceedings, as well as our experience in the respective public authority practices. Also in the event of the revocation of a driver’s license or traffic law measures, we will represent you and be there with help and advice.